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Pablo Gómez Ochoa DVM, PhD

Graduated from the Universidad de Zaragoza in 2000, and completed his PhD in the same Institution in 2004. He obtained a national and an international award during his PhD Dissertation, and has published over 20 scientific articles in international journals. He has been a speaker at over 50 CE courses, and national and international conferences. He has done external rotations on ultrasonography in human hospitals, and in the Animal Health Trust. In 2006, he was Visiting Professor at The Ohio State University and Kansas State University Colleges of Veterinary Medicine. In 2010 he was Visiting Professor in the Universita di Sassari in Italy. In his field, Dr. Gómez Ochoa developed a technique utilizing contrast material to identify portosystemic shunts, and adapted the use of semiquantitative Doppler studies to evaluate intraabdominal lymphadenopathy. He is currently Professor, part-time, in the Universidad de Zaragoza, and is investigating novel contrast agents and additional application of Doppler in various clinical conditions.

C. Guillermo Couto DVM Diplomate ACVIM

Recently retired from the Oncology/Hematology Service, Veterinary Medical Center, The Ohio State University, and was the Director of the OSU Greyhound Health and Wellness Program (OSUGHWP). He was President of the Veterinary Cancer Society (1990-1992), Editor-In-Chief, Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (1993-1998), and co-editor of the 4 editions of Small Animal Internal Medicine (Mosby/Elsevier). He received the Norden Distinguished Teaching Award, (1986) the OSU Clinical Teaching Award (1987 and 1990), the BSAVA Bourgelat Award for Outstanding Contribution to Small Animal Practice (2000), the OTS Service Award (1993 and 2007), the Legend of Small Animal Internal Medicine Award, Kansas State University, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (2011), the Faculty Achievement Award, American Association of Veterinary Clinicians (2012), and the Class of 2013 Teaching Award, The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine (2012). He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Oncology, and has published over 150 book chapters and over 150 peer-reviewed articles in the areas of oncology, hematology, and Greyhound medicine. His areas of interest are clinical hematology, hemostasis, cancer metastases, and Greyhound medicine.

Pablo Gómez Ochoa & C. Guillermo Couto

Help and Continuing Education

At VOC we believe that the best way to share with you our passion for veterinary medicine is to teach you in your clinic, with your own patients.

How are we different?

We are passionate about internal medicine and we are not limited to assisting you with the diagnosis; we will also assist you with patient management, therapeutic advise, and follow up.

Our challenge is to offer an excellent, cost-effective service.

Ultrasonography (US) and Echocardiography/ US-Guided Needle Aspirates and Cytology

We have experience and common sense. We do US, echocardiography, US-Guided Aspirates, and Cytologic Evaluation and Interpretation. Please Request Information regarding fees for your area.

We believe that preventive medicine is a good complement to our service; we offer preventive medicine aimed at breeds with specific disease predisposition. Rule out congenital anomalies (cardiac, portosystemic shunts), evaluate thyroid glands, laryngeal function, and upper respiratory anatomy ultrasonographically in brachiocephalic dogs and dogs with suspected tracheal collapse or laryngeal paralysis.

How Do the Help and CE Activities Work?

We believe that you only learn well when somebody teaches you with passion, and we are passionate about what we do!

We provide the interactive response devices and audiovisual media, and you propose your learning objectives.

We can use your own patients, provide audiovisual presnetations using either case discussions or literature reviews, including recent scientific publications, assisting you on maximizing the benefots of your ultrasound equipment and microscope.

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